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6100 V8 HEMI

Year from/to:2008 - 2010
Fuel type:Gasoline

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Dodge marketed the Challenger model for the first time in 1970 and is currently in production. To date, we have included 8 different versions in the catalog, including 8 gasoline and diesel.

For this version we currently have associated 195 products, but ours is a continually updating work. If you do not find what you need, please contact us.The latest products we have added are as follows: Wmax WM620814, Wmax WM777828, Wmax WM777827.

For the Dodge Challenger model, we currently have 22 brands that market dedicated products, including Wmax, Magnaflow, Asanti, U.S. Mags, Vogtland.

The brand of which we have associated more products is Mopar, whose parts and accessories you can find in the categories: Pads, Discs and rotors, Spark plugs, Flywheels And Flexplates, Plug oil drain.

To ensure the safety of the occupants and a optimal operation of the vehicle we remind you that it is necessary to perform periodic maintenance using the products recommended by the parent company. Replacing and checking the levels of lubricating fluids is essential for proper operation of the engine and transmission components, such as Other fluids & chemicals, Motor oil, Transmission fluid, Gear & differential oil, Brake fluids & cleaners. Filters should also be replaced periodically to ensure that impurities are blocked: Cabin air filters, Oil filters, Air filters, Transmission filters.